What can I do about barking or vicious dogs?
Calls involving vicious dogs, dogs at large, and barking dogs are one of the most difficult types of calls to address. When dealing with vicious dogs and dog bites, follow the basic tips below: If someone has been bit, call 9-1-1 immediately. If you see a KNOWN dog that is vicious running loose, call 828-757-2100 immediately so that an officer can be dispatched at the time the dog is loose. If possible, keep the dog in sight so you can direct the officer to its whereabouts or last known direction of travel. Provide the officer with as much information as possible (i.e. owner, history, time-frame the offense usually occurs - when applicable). If you are disturbed by dogs barking continuously, call 828-757-2100 while the dogs are barking so that an officer can be dispatched at the time of the occurrence. The officer has to witness the dog(s) barking in order to make a determination and address the issue with the owners. If you see an animal that is abandoned, malnourished, or living in less than sanitary (humane) conditions, please call 828-757-2100. An officer will be dispatched to address the situation and will make contact with Animal Control for assistance. If you see an injured animal in the roadway or one that is dead, being hit by a vehicle, follow these guidelines: If the accident is new and the animal is still alive, do not handle it. Most animals are scared and likely to bite the handler in order to protect themselves. Call our office at 828-757-2100 and give the location of the injured or dead animal so that an Officer or Street Department can be dispatched to the site.
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